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10 Things that Matt LeBlanc said

Born on July 25, 1967, Matt LeBlanc turns 49 today. Best known for his role as the charming, simple-minded actor Joey Tribbiani in the popular NBC sitcome Friends, which went on to become the fifth most watch series finale in television history, with around 52.5 million American viewers tuning it. Today, we share the 10 things that Matt LeBlanc said:



On laughter:
"I believe that laughter is the best emotional Band-Aid in the world. It's like nature's Neosporin."

"I have funny bones. If there's ever any kind of tension, I'll always be the one to try and be funny to loosen things up."

On the definition of success as an actor:
"As an actor, the biggest compliment you can get, in my book is for someone to believe that you're the character."

"People call me Joey all the time. I take it as a compliment. There's no point in correcting them. But I'm much more even-keeled and subdued and relaxed than Joey Tribbiani."

On his identity:
People will speak slowly to me sometimes. And they always ask me if I'm all right, because I'm much more low-key and reserved than my character in 'Friends'.

"I am not afraid if people think Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes' is who I am - my friends and family know who I am."

On fame:
"It's funny - nowadays people that are famous get chased by paparazzi. They have this fame, but they don't have the money to hide from it."

On trust and relationships:
"You always question people's intentions. That may be a combination of having money, having fame, and being a little older."

"The way I look at it, everything is a trade. You acquire some money, so then you've got no financial burdens, but everyone wants your money and so who can you trust? Or you've got no money and you can trust anyone, but then you've got the worry to pay bills. Which is worse?"

On life:
"I keep waiting for the roof to cave in. I was raised to follow the Golden Rule, you know, treat people the way you wish to be treated. That's kind of the way I live my life. Maybe someone up there likes me for that."


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