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18 Things that The Hoff said

Star and producer of Baywatch, the most watched TV show in the world of all time, David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff turns 64 on 17 July. Actor, director, producer, singer and the father of 2, The Hoff has been come a long way, as this marks his 43rd year on TV.

Today, we look back at some of the things he said:


Being David Hasselhoff:

"I think that without sushi there would be no David Hasselhoff, because sushi is like the perfect way of describing the insides of David Hasselhoff. He is like a protein, clean and easy. That's how I feel about myself."


About Baywatch:
"Beyond its entertainment values, 'Baywatch' has enriched and in many cases helped save lives."

"I wanted to play around with the format, really tear it to pieces and shake it up. For example, if Mitch saves someone from drowning, and that person then goes out and releases a virus that kills a million people. Imagine the moral implications of that."


About his professional advantage:
"The problem with me is that nothing embarrasses me."


Giving the duality of TV:
"In life, you either watch TV or you do TV. I told my daughters that the only way you're going to make it in this business is to get in the game. That's the biggest advice I can give them."


Being a proud dad:
"I have a great relationship with my kids. We're very honest with each other, and I'm very proud that we are absolutely, incredibly close. That to me is more important than anything."


On Respect:
"If you don't respect me you're not gonna get that respect back."


On Life:
"When you realize that life isn't fair, you don't act out, you don't get overly wasted, you don't get self-indulgent. You just move forward."

"I embrace everything."

"If you're not in the game, you can't hit a home run."


On never giving up:
"Failure usually works for me in the end."


About his haters:
"Even when I make mistakes and people exploit my mistakes on television or on the Internet, and they use it to make fun of me, it's just kind of working in my favor at the end. It's really strange."


On Laughter:
"I think laughter is the best medicine. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you can't laugh at life and the silliness of it all."

"My problem is people seem to laugh at me, but the one that laughs harder than anybody is me."


On the truth of perception:
"Image is what people perceive my life to be. It's nothing like the truth."


About his spirituality:
"Spirituality - prayer - is a big part of my life."


About himself:

"I find it a bit sad that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum at Checkpoint Charlie."

"There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me."


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